Online Casino and Gambling Domains As Great Assets

The online casino market in Italy appears to be booming, even in the current unstable economic climate that we are living in and it seems as though owning your very own gambling domain could fetch you a nice price tag. Many online casino and gambling domains have recently proven to be extremely profitable for many people.

Intelligent owners of these domains are aware of the potential that one of these gambling sites can generate in terms of revenue. People are snapping up these domains at quite a staggering rate. According to Marketwatch, over the past twelve months there have been several Italian gambling domains that have sold for extraordinary prices. In fact, the domain blackjack.

It went under the hammer for a sizeable sum of €60,000.00 (approximately £46,000/$74,000). As well as selling for this much, there is also optimistic speculation that if it is resold at some point in the future, it could fetch as much as €250,000.00 (approximately £195,500.00). You don't need to be mathematician to see what's happening here. Also, the domain onlinecasino,it was rumoured to have been sold for a price that topped the six figure region. The reason these prices were recorded is down to the ever-expanding online gambling industry, in particular the online casino industry.

However, this isn't a new phenomenon, as gambling domains and online casino domains all around the world have quite often been sold for extremely high prices. Other domains that have proven to be clever assets were and also The first one was reported to have been sold for a staggering $5,000,000 (approximately £3,200,000) and the latter managed to go for a massive £1.5million.

These justifiable prices can mainly be put down to the consistent revenue that each domain manages to pull in periodically. Buyers can also purchase various decent domains relating to the online gambling industry from as little as $2,500 and $5,000 though (approximately £1,580-£3,174), which is a fantastic price range when you consider the prices of the higher quality domain names. The manager of a domain website called (Paul Wilson) knows the importance of a domain name.

"A quality Gambling Domain name will give you instant credibility and recognition, and generate high quality repeat business and traffic." This quote perfectly sums up the importance of a good and relevant gambling domain. Not just in Italy but around the world there are many people that are beginning to realise the actual importance of a decent gambling domain name as a fantastic asset that can generate huge revenue.

To realise this potential of a high quality domain name is therefore an excellent investment. There are literally thousands of gambling domains online today and there seems to be no slowing down the rate of expansion of the online gambling industry. As people struggle in modern times, unfortunately many of them believe that turning to gambling can change their fortunes and earn them a quick penny.

Fast cash (or easy money) is all too tempting and irresistible for the masses. This lucrative business for this reason alone continues to grow and generate billions in worldwide revenue. This means that gambling domains will without a doubt continue to sell for big money, especially for the foreseeable future.